November 13, 2023

Today is World Kindness Day. The global theme is “Be Kind Wherever Possible.” In this day and age, this observance takes on an even more special meaning, and because these are cynical times as well, it’s an observance most people will either dismiss or scoff at. Yet, practicing kindness isn’t just good for society but for our own well-being; Immigration officials say migrants are coming to the US-Mexico border in historic numbers and there’s a reason why; Financial services agency says the US economy is reliving the roaring 20s. We know how that turned out; Makes sense that there may be more tolerance among same-sex couples when it comes to interracial relationships; Scientists warning us that as the planet gets hotter and glaciers and ice are melting, ancient deadly diseases may be unleashed; New research shows that stress in the younger years is enough to rewire genes in the brain; and Mexico City’s reservoirs are drying up and (finally) city officials are getting serious about it. Go beyond the headlines…

World Kindness Day

Education linked to heart health decades later, Univ. of Pittsburgh study finds

Hundreds of thousands march in France against anti-Semitism

Migrants are showing up at the U.S. Southern border in historic numbers. Here’s why

US economy may be reliving ‘roaring ’20s’ – meaning growth, inflation, and rates all stay high, UBS says

Interracial Couples More Common Among Same-Sex Couples

Scientists Fear Cataclysmic ‘Factor X’ Will Emerge From Earth’s Permafrost

Early-life stress changes more genes in the brain than a head injury

The best apps and tools for managing your money online

Can’t buy new jeans’: Argentina’s 100% inflation draws crowds to used clothes markets

Mexico City imposes severe, monthslong water restrictions as drought dries up reservoirs

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