November 18, 2022

Though it’s too early to make any definitive calls about the political future of one former president who thinks he should be king, the general consensus now is that he’s not as big a deal as he wants to be. They point to a younger successor, notably FL gov. DeSantis. Yet, the strike down by a FL federal judge over a DeSantis law, which basically muzzles college and university professors, should remind us that the two men are cut from the same cloth — and anyone younger running for office on the same platform could pose a bigger threat to our democracy than the guy who started it all; The Biden admin is planning to ask the Supreme Court to decide the student debt plan, which GOP politicos have successfully sidetracked. Hmmm, a conservative Supreme Court deciding on a Dem proposal relieving student debt? I think we know how this ends; Ever dreamed of traveling into space? Now, there are two virtual ways to do it: Hop onto NASA’s new website monitoring the Orion space capsule’s journey to the moon and/or Cruise the universe with a new interactive map of everything known (so far) in the heavens. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden admin to ask high court to take up student debt plan

Nancy Pelosi announces she won’t run for leadership post, marking the end of an era

The GOP captures the House — and is ready for revenge

‘Positively dystopian’: Florida judge blocks DeSantis’ anti-woke law for colleges

There Is No One Story About Latino Voters

NASA creates website for viewers to track Artemis’ Orion capsule to the moon

Scroll through the universe with a new interactive map

New app uses your smart watch, heartbeat to track your anxiety

TX governor Greg Abbott declares ‘invasion’ of migrants at US-Mexico border

Mercury rising: Why Bolivia remains South America’s hub for the toxic trade

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