November 19, 2021

The pandemic proved to be a wake-up call for nations that depend on the global supply chain. Bringing home essential manufacturing is top-of-mind for leaders as they negotiate trade deals. That appeared to be the case with President Biden when he talked to Canada’s Trudeau and Mexico’s López Obrador yesterday and our neighboring leaders didn’t deliver the expected reaction; New study finds that white supremacists working as prison guards in one state operate with impunity; and Already it is seen that artificial intelligence favors this demographic overwhelmingly. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden’s made-in-America push raises trade tensions at meeting with Canada, Mexico

White supremacist prison guards work with impunity in Fla.

Most states ranked poorly in quality of care for people of color, report says

Poetry inspired by a viral photo of drowned migrants wins the National Book Award

How Native American plant meds treat pain and diarrhea

Deforestation in the Amazon increased by 33% in first 10 months of 2021, analysis shows

Artificial intelligence favors white men under 40

New app Snax combines short-form movies with interactive games

3,000 artisans expected at celebration of Mexican textiles

The Antipodas project, a US$2 Billion Subsea Solar Power Cable From Chile To China

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