November 2, 2022

Once upon a time, because Latinos/Hispanics all spoke/understood a similar language known under the umbrella term ‘Spanish,’ and the vast majority were genuflecting, sign-of-the-cross Catholics, non-Latinos/Hispanics thought all Latinos/Hispanics were the same. How far from that erroneous perception we’ve come and because of it Latinos/Hispanics have changed the American landscape beyond salsa being the most popular condiment in the nation; Zelensky and his fellow Ukrainians know nuclear attacks are a possibility and have created ‘special shelters;’ Wonder why inequality is growing around the world?; New study validates what would change if childhood poverty was reduced; and Now, a virtual set of eyes can keep an eye on all the kiddos splashing in the pool and keep them safe in the process. Go beyond the headlines…

How Latinos have changed the American landscape

On election eve, the state of the US economy is a blurry one

Kyiv Has 425 ‘Special Shelters’ Ready in Case of Russian Nuclear Attack

Why inequality is growing in the US and around the world

The Fed is poised for another jumbo interest rate hike. Many are wondering what’s next

New RSV vaccines are coming. This is very, very good news.

Reducing childhood poverty could cut criminal convictions by almost a quarter, study shows

A virtual lifeguard uses AI and computer vision to keep an ‘eye’ on swimmers

Gang violence escalates in Ecuador triggering a new state of emergency in parts of country

2 Cartels Tell Mexico They’ll Agree to Ceasefire—If They’re Allowed to Go Legit

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