November 23, 2022

This Thanksgiving holiday has many of us asking what’s there to be thankful for. The pandemic still rages on, mutating at every turn. Putin, still harboring delusional world domination dreams, is inflicting untold crimes and destruction on innocent Ukrainians, and even on his own young, inexperienced troops. Inflation is affecting all of our budgets and finding an affordable place to live in next to impossible for renters, and it goes on. Yet, those with outstanding student debt, Biden just did something that will let this Thanksgiving be a little more enjoyable; Putin wants to now conquer what?; Want to know where to go to get free ebooks and audiobooks?; Scientists just discovered something unusual in people’s brains who have migraines. Could it be a first step in relieving this affliction? Go beyond the headlines…

Student loan repayment pause extended through June 2023 by White House

Putin Eyes New Power Hold on Arctic

After COP27, all signs point to world blowing past the 1.5 degrees global warming limit – here’s what we can still do about it

Women advance in once male-dominated mariachi scene – preserving tradition with unique style

Where you can get free eBooks and audiobooks

Researchers: AI in connected cars eased rush hour congestion

The White House’s plan to colonize the moon, briefly explained

Mysterious Changes Identified in The Brains of People Who Get Migraines

Digital app released to boost physical activity – and help get children moving

Colombian government and ELN rebels begin new effort to end 60 years of war

‘Nochebuena’ season kicks off across Mexico

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