November 29, 2022

A new poll just validates the History Channel’s success of apocalypse-themed tv shows; Support for immigration has expanded beyond the DC Beltway and taking ‘root’ in rural America; Are Dems really losing Latino voters? Analysis of midterm turnout highlights a trend that Dems should act on and one Latina Representative is sounding the alarm; Scientists examining the remnants of ancient hurricanes discover bad news; and Peruvian archeological students rediscover a long-lost ancient mural. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden boosts US effort to stem sexual violence in war zones

Livestock farmers push for immigration bill

The guy who got the midterms right explains what the media got wrong

Shocking Number of Americans Believe We Are Living in the End Times

A Progressive Latina Thinks Democrats Are Blowing It with Hispanic Voters

We’re decoding ancient hurricanes’ traces on the sea floor – and evidence from millennia of Atlantic storms is not good news for the coast

Rare success for Alzheimer’s research unlocks hope for future therapies Launches New Downloadable News App for Both iOS and Android Users

Long-lost ancient mural rediscovered in northern Peru after more than a century

El Salvador’s biggest freshwater lake swamped by rubbish

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