November 6, 2023

One of the accomplishments of Trump’s tenure as Commander-in-Chief was the normalization of lying. He showed us all how he perfected the art of the lie. Remember the infamous weather map marked by a Sharpie? It’s become a classic. Unfortunately, there are a lot more Americans like Trump than we want to admit who think lying is ok and to hell if you’re caught in it, (just look at Trump’s sons currently testifying in NY civil fraud trial against Trump Organization). At any rate, a new study found just how many people lie on one very important document; If Israel won’t halt the bombings, their neighbors are taking humanitarian assistance into their own hands; One striking figure is giving hope to migrant children at the US-Mexico border; What’s the average net worth of Americans — by their age?; A new free AI app helps parents navigate parenting; and The US government is giving Puerto Rico’s low-income $440 million towards something they should have had long ago. Go beyond the headlines…

70% Of Workers Lie On Resumes, New Study Shows

Jordan airdrops aid into Gaza during Israel-Hamas war

‘She gave me hope’: puppet Little Amal publicizes migrant plight on US-Mexico border

How the Biden administration is doing on its goal of getting more loans to minority small business owners

Here’s the average net worth of Americans by age

Five graphics that show some of the biggest threats facing the natural world

Understanding all kinds of English accents can improve empathy and learning—and even be a matter of life and death

New free AI app answers parenting questions

US announces $440 million to install solar panels on low-income homes in Puerto Rico

Field of dreams: How an Indigenous softball team captured Mexico’s heart

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