November 7, 2023

At every legislative and federal turn, it seems women’s rights are eroding. Even though the Catholic Church has made it a priority to seriously begin looking at including women in the liturgy, Corporate America seems to be retreating. A new study finds it’s not so much that women CEOs face the glass ceiling but are pushed off the glass cliff; The US used to be heralded as being #1 in all sectors: health, housing, quality of life, etc. However, a new study finds one particular sector in ‘failing health’; Climate change is wreaking havoc around the planet, from the animal and insect world to storms. Now, scientists reveal they’ve been hearing the planet’s restlessness in the waves; and Did you know the Pan American Games are taking place in South America? See how your favorite countries fared in the medal department. Go beyond the headlines…

New study exposes “gender tenure gap” and supports the glass cliff theory

NATO announces formal suspension of Cold War-era security treaty after Russia’s pullout

U.S. health outcomes worse than OECD nations on most measures

Money Expert Reveals Why You Shouldn’t Use a Credit Card After Paying It

It’s not just about facts: Democrats and Republicans have sharply different attitudes about removing misinformation from social media

Extreme weather helping invasive species replace native species, study finds

Seismology records growing rumble of climate change

New app makes filing taxes so much easier

Mexico takes home record 52 gold medals from Pan American Games

Nicaragua Targets 25 More NGOs in Crackdown

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