November 8, 2023

Standing in a 45-minute line to vote in one of the many state elections held across the US yesterday, a few of my fellow voters griped at how much casting a vote hasn’t changed that much from the times of our great-grandparents. I’ve often wondered why not work to create a secure system online to cast a vote via our home computers or smartphones. Of course, there are critics who are fearful of one thing or another. Yet, other things that used to require in-person engagement have found success in going online. The latest research shows just what a game-changer buying groceries online has been for the low-income; Changing our perspective when looking at an issue, especially a volatile one, enables us to broaden our view. For example, have you ever thought why Puerto Ricans see themselves in Palestinians?; We knew it was coming. Scientists just released their analysis of 2023 climate; and Researchers found if we practice one particular type of meditation the impact can be big for our well-being. Go beyond the headlines…

Letting low-income Americans buy groceries online in 2020 with SNAP benefits decreased the share of people without enough food – new research

Hospitals in Israel move underground to keep working amid rockets from Lebanon

Many Puerto Ricans see historic parallels with Palestinians

Share of Debt Held by US Consumers Younger Than 50 Rises by Most on Record

Gun Violence Takes Huge Mental, Financial Toll on Kids & Their Families

Scientists say 2023 set to be warmest in 125,000 years

New research reveals an advanced form of meditation impacts the brain and is linked to aspects of well-being

App claiming to show Instagram users who’s looking at their profiles raises privacy concerns

Birdwatch: tiny Ecuadorian bird with a beak longer than its body

Mexican Congress holds second UFO session featuring Peruvian mummies

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