November 9, 2023

Revoking women’s freedom to choose is proving to be a devastating miscalculation for GOP politicians, as evident by recent elections. However, another (unforeseen) fallout of the super-crusading MAGA right is that these abortion bans are proving more detrimental to children and local economies; One country holds the distinction of having the world’s largest child displacement crisis; A new study shows just how the US economy measures up for the nation’s well-being; and There was an earthquake in West Texas this week and seismologists point to one factor that caused it. Go beyond the headlines…

Abortion Bans Linked To Increase In Children Entering Foster System, Researchers Find

The world’s largest child displacement crisis is in Sudan

New study shows increasing workplace flexibility may lower risk of cardiovascular disease 

US Economy Scores Low on New Index Measuring Nation’s Well-Being

The candidates, especially women, who made history on Election Day

Oil Companies May Have Triggered Texas’ Latest Earthquake

European Space Agency releases stunning first images from Euclid, its ‘dark universe detective’

Smartphones and smart speakers may be able to detect alcohol intoxication by analyzing voice patterns, says study

Latin America’s second-most expensive neighborhood is in Mexico

As crisis deepens, Cubans scramble to migrate by any means

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