October 13, 2020

The practice of disinformation by the Trump administration will no doubt serve as the cornerstone of his legacy in US history. His extreme narcissistic behavior has tainted the credibility of information released by the federal government, ranging from health to voting. Some are now doubting what is the true unemployment rate; Experts nationwide are casting a weary eye on Trump’s ‘army’ of poll watchers; Binge drinking is a popular pastime for some, even more so during these times. Yet, researchers are now finding while people may drink to forget their troubles now, it could have longer lasting effects with more dire consequences later; NASA tests new spacesuit and tells us all to get ready to return to the moon! Go beyond the headlines…

Exclusive: America’s true unemployment rate

As Trump team rushes to train ‘army’ of poll watchers, experts on watch for voter intimidation

Coronavirus struck Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. Will Latinos strike back with their votes?

Hundreds Of Schools Are Still Using Native Americans As Team Mascots

Feel the rhythm of Hispanic Heritage Month with this playlist

11 Experts Reveal Their Go-To Money Saving Secrets

NASA starts testing new Artemis spacesuits underwater and challenges the public to pack a suitcase for the Moon ahead of its 2024 return mission to the lunar surface

Binge drinking may cause Alzheimer’s disease—and it might strike younger and in a severe form

Platform creates personalized investment portfolio of political donations

Mexican victims of domestic violence find catharsis in embroidery at Sinibí Jípe

China opens its third Confucius Institute in Argentina: University of Cordoba

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