October 13, 2023

Israel issued an unattainable ultimatum to Palestinians living in Gaza — leave. With the Gaza Strip blocked on all sides, except for the Mediterranean coastline, how can they comply? And Hamas is warning residents not to flee. Why? Their cover will be lost if the civilian population goes. It’s an anguishing ordeal innocent Palestinians are faced with and one no country should face — yet, other countries do. Or more specifically, the innocent people who feel they have no choice but to leave and migrate to the one shining light that gives their lives and the lives of their children hope. So, they leave — if they can; Some are asking out loud: “Will the United States be the next Israel?”; What do QR codes and recycling have in common?; Get out your pinhole boxes or glasses to watch the ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse happening across the Americas on Saturday; and Before you watch that celestial event, you may want to check your eyesight. There’s a new app for that created by the nation’s preeminent eye organization. Go beyond the headlines…

New study reveals improved eye health could boost US economy by $50.4 billion annually

Israel calls on 1.1 million Gazans to evacuate south in order UN warns is ‘impossible’

Will the United States Be the Next Israel?

Soaring Mortgage Rates Make Homeownership a Pipe Dream for Many Americans

Recycling is about to get much easier

‘Ring of fire’ solar eclipse will slice across Americas on Saturday with millions along path

Over 40% of Antarctica’s ice shelves reduced in volume over 25 years, scientists say

Check your vision with the new WHOeyes app

Peru’s melting glaciers bring new harvests – and fears for the future

Americans are flocking to Mexico City where rent is cheaper and life is more laid-back—for locals, it’s complicated

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