October 18, 2023

The world may be a scary place these days but another kind of scary is fast approaching — Halloween! Store shelves are emptying quickly of the staple handed out to trick-or-treaters. (Note: If you really want to be scared wait till you see this year’s prices on those treats!) Used to be chocolate reigned supreme as the all-time favorite but a new analysis reveals our tastes are changing; It used to be expected that young drivers would get into a fatal accident but times are changing and a new study shows technology and education work in preventing deaths; Economists are worried over one indicator that is rising in frequency — mass layoffs; And Good News: 21 species have been removed from the endangered list; Bad News: They’ve been removed because of one reason. Go beyond the headlines…

Americans’ Taste In Halloween Candy Is Changing

Ukraine marks 600 days of war as Russian assault wears on

Report: Young driver fatality rates have fallen sharply in the US, helped by education, technology

Mass Layoffs Could Soon Unravel the Economy, Warns Expert

Once harassed by police, lowriders can cruise across California under a new law

FDA approves treatment that destroys tumors with sound

21 species removed from endangered list due to extinction, U.S. wildlife officials say

New app meant to replicate the thrill of disposable cameras

Why are Mexican court workers protesting?

China’s Xi touts close relationship with Chile in talks

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