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October 19, 2021

They say things get better with time. Unfortunately, that may only apply to wine. Nowhere is that more evident than in the climate. Each passing day exposes a progressive decline on Mother Earth. For example, unbelievably, manufacturing plants are evading high natural gas prices by reverting operations to a source known to have a deadlier global price for us all; Arctic’s ‘last ice’ just revealed the timeline the world is living by; An ancient Mexican lagoon reveals a not-too-distant destiny; But there is hope in how mankind is innovative and resilient. Case in point: Check out what powers a new kind of portable lamp. Go beyond the headlines…

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A forgotten mangrove forest around remote inland lagoons in Mexico’s Yucatan tells a story of rising seas

Portable lamp powered by saltwater

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Mexico’s powerful Jalisco cartel is flexing its muscles at opposite ends of Latin America

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