October 21, 2019

Ever since Trump took office, the name of the game in DC is — D-R-A-M-A! Not even the worthy kind but the one of Trump and his circle’s own making. It’s a ride that is wearing thin. That’s why this week’s news of things to come is hitting numb nerves when, in the past, it would have riled up far more people. For example, Supreme Court may issue a ruling on the most vulnerable of the undocumented and US getting into the DNA business; And just when we thought there were some things ‘sacred’ & untouchable to technology, this latest surrender has some shaking their heads. Start your week in the know…

Democrats dig in ahead of Supreme Court ruling on ‘Dreamers’

U.S. Takes Step to Require Asylum-Seekers’ DNA

Poll: Number Of Americans Who Favor Stricter Gun Laws Continues To Grow

Bulletproof memorial to Mississippi civil rights icon Emmett Till replaces vandalized sign

Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts still face huge hurdles

US Soccer Is Neglecting Latino Talent—and It Shows

This Quiet Fault in Southern California Hadn’t Moved in 500 Years. Now It’s Slipping.

The pope’s first wearable is a $110 rosary that tracks your prayers

Panama Canal Officials to Look at Desalination to Meet Water Needs

Mexico City’s secret underground world

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