October 23, 2023

The war in Israel is like quicksand — any country siding with either Israel or Hamas is sliding deeper into being involved. Could this be World War III? Whether or not it is, it’s clear that a new World Order of power is erupting and according to GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell it’s spawning a new trio of ‘Axis of Evil’; Love magic? Now, there’s a university that gives you a Master’s degree in the subject; Scientists make an amazing discovery about the moon; and The world over is suffering from drought. Yet, there’s an upside in one Brazilian Amazon river — undiscovered ancient engraving! Go beyond the headlines…

Does adding sugar to coffee and tea impact lifespan? 32-year study reveals surprising results

What history reveals about the current Israeli hostage crisis

US Faces New ‘Axis of Evil’ in Iran, China and Russia: Mitch McConnell

The housing winter arrives early as existing-home sales crash to Great Recession levels and the long-feared ‘deep freeze’ sets in 

University of Exeter launches a new master’s degree in the study of magic

Study: Some AI chatbots provide racist health info

The Moon Is Millions of Years Older Than We Thought, Scientists Say

New smartphone app quickly analyzes human motion to aid physical rehabilitation

Drought in Brazil’s Amazon reveals ancient engravings

Threats against rape victim, 10, lay bare Bolivia’s culture of sexual violence

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