October 24, 2023

A new university study looked at which neighborhoods police in major cities spend most of their time patrolling. Not a big surprise; Over 2,000 children have been killed in Gaza. They, and others, are the innocent victims of Hamas’ bloodshed. Israel is intent on showing no mercy to Hamas, as they should, but to kill innocent victims goes beyond “an eye for an eye”; Who’s not eyeing an electric vehicle these days? Or any new car? The high price tags aren’t deterring anyone — except when it comes to the monthly payment; Geologists just discovered a lost continent; A new app helps stop violence at traffic stops; and Day of the Dead is fast approaching. Get instructions on how to create your own altar. Go beyond the headlines…

New study shows which neighborhoods police spend most time patrolling

2,000 children killed in Gaza, aid group says, as doctors warn fuel shortage is a death sentence

DHS proposes changes to H-1B work visas

Americans overdue on car payments at highest level in nearly 30 years

Researchers complete first psoriasis study solely on patients of color

Lost Continent Argoland Discovered Hidden Beneath Jungles

Scientists create world’s most water-resistant surface

New app could help stop violence at traffic stops, inventors say

How to create an altar to honor your departed on Day of the Dead

GM workers in Brazil go on strike in protest against layoffs

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