October 26, 2023

What would the world be like without weapons? News of the overnight senseless rampage of a mentally unstable man in Lewiston, Maine to the continuing bombardment of Gaza homesteads and the Russian assault on Ukraine, amid many others, underscore the use of weapons in human society and the need for a change in human attitude towards their usage if we want the human race to survive; The FBI and DHS have issued a combined warning amid the Israel-Hamas war; Is the US health system on the verge of collapse?; The economy is tightening and it’s increasingly being felt by people; Astronomers discover a new kind of galaxy; and Social media apps usually target younger generations. Now, there’s one for older users who just want to make friends and carpool. Go beyond the headlines…

FBI, DHS warn of U.S. hate crimes increase amid Israel-Hamas war

Ukraine Confirms It Has a Military Battalion Made Up Entirely of Russians

Warning signs for the U.S. health system are piling up

Americans are struggling to pay their debts as economy tightens

How ‘La Catrina’ became the iconic symbol of Day of the Dead

Astronomers discover new almost dark galaxy

Earthquake in Mexico City Reveals 500-Year-Old Aztec Snakehead

New app ‘Wyzr Friends’ helps older adults make friends, arrange carpools

Wave of Mexico attacks kills 22, including a dozen police, in one day

‘We are alive and we are here’: Chile’s lost tribe celebrates long-awaited recognition

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