October 3, 2022

The Supreme Court starts up a new session today. Their docket is full of cases that can impact our daily lives and has many people dreading their decisions; Russia is losing ground in their invasion of the Ukraine and has resorted to smuggling to help pay for their crime; So, more Latinos are realizing that politics goes beyond party loyalty; There’s a debate going on: Who discovered the equator – the Spanish or the Incas?; An app that simplifies crypto investing?; and Brazilian voters aren’t finished yet in deciding who will lead their country. Go beyond the headlines…

The Supreme Court is back in session, with new controversial cases that stand to change many Americans’ lives – here’s what to expect

Russia smuggling Ukrainian grain to help pay for Putin’s war

Dem lead with Latinos halved in past decade, poll says

‘It’s Going to Be Scary’: Extremism Expert Predicts Violence for 2022 Midterms

Unpacking Latino conservatism

Who discovered the equator – the Spanish or the pre-Incas?

‘Love hormone’ is revealed to have heart healing properties

Solvo, an app that simplifies crypto investing

Webcams de México captures the nation’s beauty and tracks its disasters

Bolsonaro and Lula head to Brazil presidential runoff

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