October 9, 2023

Another heinous invasion commands our global attention and it’s heartbreaking to see the needless deaths occurring. The fact that Americans are among the dead and wounded brings this war closer to home, and it highlights the global unrest that is simmering in all corners of the world — from the Americas, to Africa, Asia and Europe. Where we see protest marches, labor strikes and violence, we should expect that the root causes run deeper than the surface grievance. We’ve been so focused on reaching a tipping point in our climate that we ignore/dismiss/ or are oblivious to the social tipping point that we have reached. It is all of our responsibility to acknowledge the inequality that propels the outrage of such attacks that aren’t directed by political leaders with a lust for power. Yet, acknowledgement is only the first step. It’s up to each of us what the second step will be. Go beyond the headlines…

Weight-Loss Drugs Come With Serious Side Effects, According to a New Study

Israel war with Hamas escalates; total death toll tops 1,100

Indian Americans now largest Asian American group in U.S.

Middle East conflict adds new risks to global economic outlook

Mexican liquors and beers are on the rise in the U.S. — here’s what’s driving the torrid growth

10 things to know about updated Covid vaccines

14,300-Year-Old Tree Reveals Apocalyptic Warning for Today’s Humans

Hold the annular solar eclipse in your hand with new ‘One Eclipse’ app from Astronomers Without Borders

Tensions Rise in the Rio Grande Basin as Mexico Lags in Water Deliveries to the U.S.

3,000-year-old religious leader’s tomb discovered in Peru: Why an archaeologist says this is a unique find (Interview) 

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