September 20, 2023

The Biden administration, and Democrat politicians across the country, have been prevented from enacting common sense gun rules or bans on some of the most deadly weapons that have no place on US streets. So, as White House administrations often do, the Biden admin has created a work-around to the gun violence but the bigger question is will it work?; Seems Canadian and Indian relations blew up over night but it goes deeper than that and spawned a ‘movement’; A new weight loss drug more effective than Ozempic? Researchers say yes; On a quest to find the cheapest Big Macs in the country? There’s a map for that; and Scientists discover record-breaking stats on the rate of glacier melt. Go beyond the headlines…

New USDA Study on Consumer Kitchen Behavior Underscores the Importance of Food Safety Education Month

What is the Khalistan movement and why is it fuelling India-Canada rift?

Biden to announce first-ever federal office of gun violence prevention

Rising number of ‘predatory’ academic journals undermines research and public trust in scholarship

McDonald’s Map Shows Cheapest Big Macs by State

Glacier Loss Day indicates record breaking glacier melt

‘Unique’ New Drug Is More Effective Than Ozempic For Weight Loss

A digital assistant will help immigrants in Amarillo, Texas

UNESCO recognises Argentina torture centre as a World Heritage site

Mexican railway operator halts trains because so many migrants are climbing aboard and getting hurt

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