September 23, 2022

No two words describe the latest remark by Trump, that he can merely think documents are declassified and thus they are, better than ‘incredibly stupid’. With more revelations of the true state of his finances, courtesy of the NY attorney general, which explains why he never wanted to release his tax returns, we finally get the full picture and better understand the psyche of this disturbed man. However, it doesn’t even come close to explaining the bizarre reaction of the GOP to Visa; Seems Latino output is stronger than we knew; Researchers find direct correlation between student success and school security; Kentucky creates new site deserving of being ‘dug into’; and Mexico is now cultivating ‘green gold.’ Go beyond the headlines…

The power and potential of Latino voters

Visa and Amex are about to pinpoint where you buy your guns. Republicans are up in arms.

A dramatic shift at the border as migrants converge on a remote corner of South Texas

Despite pandemic, U.S. Latinos’ output eclipses U.K. and India GDPs

New Report Links Rise in Book Bans to Anti-LGBTQ Groups

School security can affect test scores and college chances

Ancient Maya cities were dangerously contaminated with mercury

More than 100 archaeological sites featured on new website

Reviving the cultivation of ‘green gold’: Mexican scientists create modified henequen agave

Latin America and US agree to sack IDB president, a Trump appointment

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