September 26, 2023

Awareness that all living creatures are impacted by the actions of others, both human and animals/insects, is gaining traction. Sometimes it’s harder to see without a visual like a new interactive map showing the extent of how wildlife the world over is exposed to ‘forever chemicals,’ , of course, created by humans; or The recent study that found the correlation between a newborn’s cry and the flow of breast milk in the mother; Between men and women, who do you think pays more out of their pocket for healthcare?; Businesses are wishing we don’t use our credit cards? It would seem so; Older folks, and younger ones, are increasingly being victimized by phone scams. Researchers say there’s an easy preventive measure that helps combat the fraud; and Nicaragua’s decline in dictatorship is accelerating and it appears the Catholic Church is in that government’s crosshairs. Go beyond the headlines…

Interactive map depicts extent of worldwide wildlife exposure to ‘forever chemicals’

Polish government whips up hate against director over migrant film

Women pay billions more out of pocket for health care: analysis

Why many business owners would love it if you stopped using your credit card

Scientists Estimate When Humans Could Become Extinct

How a newborn’s cry triggers the flow of breast milk

Scam awareness found to be best defense for older adults facing fraudster phone calls

ChatGPT Can Now Talk to You—and Look Into Your Life

Drought conditions now affect 67% of Mexican territory

The Catholic Church Is the Final Obstacle for Nicaragua’s Brutal Dictatorship

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