September 28, 2023

Family. Family values. The list continues with how the nation has traditionally described US society — that people live in ‘traditional’ families with a mother, father, and children. However, like many scenarios, it’s only half true. We’ve always known there are other definitions of family. But again, the idea that every household is comprised of a family is another illusion. According to a new study, people are choosing single lives vs. family life — and the choice is surging; What N. Korea just did is making US officials and allies very nervous; The impending GOP-forced government shutdown isn’t just bad for federal workers and the military but it makes the Fed’s job harder to do and that’s bad news for everyone; A NASA-led study discovered what’s sinking, what’s rising in New York City; Scientists are ‘very alarmed’ at what they discovered among Switzerland’s glaciers; and Buenos Aires’ beautiful central square is turned into an overnight soup kitchen to feed the dramatic increase in the country’s poor and homeless. Go beyond the headlines…

Number of People Living Alone Surges Across U.S. Cities – 2023 Study

U.S. on Alert as North Korea Prepares for ‘New Cold War’

The US is suffering a healthcare worker shortage. Experts fear it will only get worse.

How a government shutdown could leave the Fed flying semi-blind

Battle Brews over Portrayal of Latino History in Planned New Museum

NASA-Led Study Pinpoints Areas of New York City Sinking, Rising

Switzerland’s glaciers lose ‘mind-blowing’ 10% of their volume in just two years

Solar panels that work in the shade

Buenos Aires central square becomes nighttime soup kitchen as poverty hits 40%

Trouble in paradise – divorces on the rise in Mexico

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