September 6, 2022

Used to be that when a scientist talked about climate change or threats to the Amazon rain forest or any number of doom-and-gloom predictions of the future of our planet, it was a tactic perceived to scare us all into complying to save the planet. Well, it no longer can be considered a tactic but a Public Service Announcement; Analysts know what’s contributing to the nation’s labor shortage and it’s not all the fault of the Great Resignation; Young generations didn’t grow up with labor unions but they’re embracing it for good reason; Students love music and some decided to combine their love of music to help everyone’s mental health; and A degree to become a social media influencer? Yup, and it’s not in the US. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden Finally Understands the MAGA Threat. Why Can’t the Media?

This week: Democrats eye vote on marriage equality as Senate reconvenes

Legal work-related immigration has fallen by a third since 2020, contributing to US labor shortages

Young Americans Who Were Burned By The Great Recession And Pandemic Are Turning To Labor Unions Now More Than Ever

You’re being tracked through your email. Here’s how to stop it.

Why utilities are more likely to disconnect Black, Latino, and Indigenous households

Sharing on Social Media Makes Us Overconfident in Our Knowledge

New mental health app launches amid Suicide Prevention Week

Puebla (Mexico) school offers degree for social media influencers

Large parts of Amazon may never recover, major study says


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