September 8, 2021

This morning, we learn that two more of the remains of the 2,753 lives murdered in the 9/11 massacre have been identified. It leaves 1,100 victims, at least 40% of those who died on 9/11, unidentified. As we mull that sad statistic, we also learn that officials no longer see Islamist extremism the nation’s biggest threat. The danger comes from something homegrown; New study found Latino workers better protected in their jobs had one thing in common; A new app that can save you a trip to the dentist?; and A book launch in Mexico City focuses on that country’s favorite hija. Go beyond the headlines…

Far-right terror poses bigger threat to US than Islamist extremism post-9/11

New study on COVID-19 vaccinations in the largest US cities finds stark inequities

Black youth more likely to visit hospital for police-related injuries

Latinos In Labor Unions Were Better Protected From Job Losses During Pandemic

Map: See Which States Have Restricted Voter Access, And Which States Have Expanded It

Black and Mexican American adults develop diabetes at a younger age

Despite the pandemic, wage growth held firm for most U.S. workers, with little effect on inequality

New app scans your teeth and uses AI to suggest ways to keep them healthy

New book is compilation of Frida Kahlo’s 152 paintings

Panama’s Parliament criticized for changes to electoral reform bill

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