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Spanish words are the keys to releasing new lock

LatinaLista — In this Internet age, everyone averages at least 5-10 passwords. When it comes to remembering passwords, words are a lot easier to remember than a number combo, unless it’s a special date.
So, news that there is now a device that lets people set words to unlock it versus rotating the cylinders to create a unique number combination makes sense. It also makes sense that since Spanish is the second most spoken language on this side of the world, that there would be a Spanish version of this “wordlock.”

Wordlock is a device that operates under the same premise of the number locks that we use to lock our school lockers, bikes, luggage, etc. The company has been around for about a year but they’ve only now released a Spanish version of the device.
Rahn Basche, president of Wordlock, tells Latina Lista:

You probably can spell some Spanish words with the English language lock, and vice versa. But the Spanish lock was designed so that you can make thousands of word and letter combinations specifically in Spanish. We use patented technology to create our locks so that the lock will make , or NOT make certain words (we always take out as many “bad” words as possible….it makes teachers and parents happier).
Why did we create a lock for those who speak Spanish? Because a large percentage of people in the US are Spanish speaking, and a large percentage of people in the world speak Spanish. At Wordlock we want to make personal security more accessible, secure, and even fun, and we want to reach as many people as possible so they can enjoy what we believe is the wave of the future in personal security. Words, NOT numbers, are easy to remember in any language!!

Seeing that not everybody speaks Spanish in the U.S. either, a lock with a Spanish word as its password probably even enhances the security of the lock even more — one more argument as to why being bilingual is a good thing!
The locks are available online at Amazon and if you live in Puerto Rico, at Walgreens.


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