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Gov. Richardson Explains Why He Wants to be President

LatinaLista — As we all know by now, the Democratic list of nominees for President just got longer. Now, New Mexico’s Governor Bill Richardson has announced the formation of his Presidential Campaign Exploratory Committee.

Gov. Bill Richardson

Between his announcement and that of Sen. Hillary Clinton, Latina Democrats are already discussing if this next election will be won because of gender or ethnicity.

In a conference call today, Gov. Richardson shared the following with Latina Lista:

There are two reasons why I am getting into the presidential race:

1. To bring people together.
2. To get the country out of Iraq in this calendar year and regain international standing and moral authority.

When Latina Lista asked him about conditions along the U.S./Mexico border, Gov. Richardson said there must begin a real dialogue with Mexico. Extraditing a few drug lords is not enough.

Gov. Richardson said he would like to see Mexico take more responsibility for creating programs that keep their citizens home.

Gov. Richardson did leave open the door for sitting down and talking with Mexican President Calderon to try and find solutions that would not only help people on both sides of the border but keep them safe in the process.

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