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Hurricane’s aftermath underscores that human suffering, from nature or manmade, should not be made a political scapegoat

LatinaLista — Regular readers of Latina Lista know that I always write about politics and the impact of policies on the Latino community. I do that — not because I’m so compulsive obsessive that I feel I need to write about these issues but because I feel I have to.

NJ Gov. Chris Christie and President Obama forge an unlikely friendship due to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. (AP Photo)

Ever since the election campaign season began, and the Republican presidential candidates took their turns at the mic touting how they were going to save the country’s financial hardships by slashing programs that many Latino and low-income families depend on to make it in this country, I, and other writers, have felt the need to point out – repeatedly – that there are human faces involved with each of these programs and as a result of any budget slashing there would be human suffering.

It would be the same as if Romney fulfilled his promise to slash funding for FEMA. Where would all the New Jersey and New York victims of Hurricane Sandy be without that federal assistance?

Today, as President Barack Obama walked side-by-side with New Jersey’s Republican Gov. Chris Christie, someone who has towed his party line against Obama, we were reminded that human suffering shouldn’t be a game piece in politics. It was refreshing to see that politics were put aside for the sake of getting things done and getting federal help to those in New Jersey who need it the most.

As Christie said referring to the President, “It’s been a great working relationship to make sure we’re doing the jobs people elected us to do,” he added. “I cannot thank the president enough for his passion and concern. I was able to witness it today personally.”

Yet, the irony is that Obama’s concern and passion to help the middle class is exactly is what is putting him at odds with Romney and the more extreme elements of the Republican party who have turned this campaign into one of the most negative campaigns ever and even has 4-year-olds crying about it.

ABC News reports that four-year-old Abigael Evans from Colorado, after a hard day at daycare, burst out crying when listening to NPR’s coverage of the election.

Abigail told her mom that she was tired of hearing about “Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.” According to her mother,

“She talks about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama all the time,” Evans continues to tell ABC. “She always says that Obama is the president and that Mitt Romney is a bad guy who just wants money and wants to be the president… She is very precocious.”

Abigail’s mom YouTubed her daughter’s outburst and NPR issued an apology agreeing that the negativity has gone on for too long. It’s just unfortunate that the only time both sides can come together is during a time of devastation.

Devastation that is bound to be repeated if it’s not remembered that hurricanes aren’t the only thing that inflict human suffering.

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