Ongoing border wall construction is nothing more than perpetuating a false threat


LatinaLista — While everyone is naturally excited about the election, there is a group of people who can’t wait for it to be over with so the new President (and fingers, toes and eyes are being crossed for Obama/Biden) can put a stop to one of the most dangerously damaging domestic policies to emerge from the Bush Administration — the border wall.

Border wall construction has begun south of Weslaco, Texas.
(Source: Border Ambassadors)

Because of intense public displeasure by the people whom this wall directly affects, the government is a lot farther behind schedule in constructing it than they thought they would be. By the end of the year, their goal was to have completed 670 miles of fencing; they’ve only achieved 370 miles.
One would think that a government or political party which claims to be responsive to their constituents’ wants would recognize that an opposition comprised of municipal and state politicians, local dignitaries, professionals and residents are more than just a rowdy group opposing the government.
They are a highly credible group that have done their homework about the true impact of such a structure in their backyards. The latest group to lend their research expertise to what this border wall really signifies is the University of Texas Working Group that declared the border wall in no undeniable terms violates human rights.
Yet, the government stubbornly holds onto the fantasy that this wall will stem the flow of people crossing the border illegally and seems intent to perpetuate a false threat.

It’s already been documented that fewer immigrants are choosing to cross illegally and that downturn in numbers is because of the economy more than 370 miles of vanity fencing.
In these tight times when Main Street businesses are having to lay off workers, people are scrimping and saving in fear of what is to come, it appears foolhardy and irresponsible of our government to continue wasting money on something that isn’t working nor wanted.
Yet, the Department of Homeland Security forges on because it is the law.
Wise governments know when it’s time to rescind a law that isn’t working.
However, because there’s no hope left among critics of the wall that DHS or the Bush Administration will see the light before their turn in office is over, one of the biggest summits regarding the wall is planned for Dec. 2-3 in El Paso, Texas.
The Border Wall Summit plans to bring a diverse group of people together to take the fight against the wall to the next level — into Washington.
Since Congress and this Administration has shown that they would rather impose their will than govern democratically, the people involved have learned that it’s time to bring democracy in action back to where the concept was refined and has been preserved all these years — minus the last eight.
The following is a 25-minute video that chronicles the fight of border residents against the Department of Homeland Security in building the border wall.