The Difference for Latinos Between Hillary and Barack is in the Music


LatinaLista — If there is one aspect of Latino culture that is universal among all Latinos, regardless of where our abuelos were born, it’s la musica.

So it makes sense that those presidential candidates who are really trying to reach out to the Latino electorate would use music as one powerful vehicle.
As of now, there are only two candidates bending over backwards to include Latinos in this election.
Yes, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Mitt Romney, before he announced today that he was suspending his campaign , was the only Republican that was making an orchestrated (pun intended) effort to reach out to Latinos, in his own way. Mostly with Spanish-language ads.
But Obama and Clinton are embracing the full Latino — and that means creating campaign music that resonates with the Latino electorate.
However, there is definitely a difference in the choice of music for both campaigns — which illustrates that each is missing one part of the Latino electorate.

Both Obama and Clinton have a specific music video/song meant to get Latinos dancin to the polls.
Yet, it’s obvious from the music that different age groups are being targeted.
Judge for yourself:
Latinas for Hillary — Oye Hillary

Latinos for Obama

Though both of these songs are in Spanish, Hillary’s camp has also released an English version as well.
To be honest, I don’t know if the song for Obama has actually been sanctioned by his campaign but it is an interesting difference to see: In Obama’s video, it is populated by young people. The final frame in Clinton’s video has her embracing a white, white-haired woman.
It goes without saying that both videos exemplify with whom each campaign is resonating.
It’s neither bad nor good — just incomplete and shows that each camp needs to do a better job of reaching out to their missing links.