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Though problems exist at polls nothing can take away excitement for tonight’s watch parties

LatinaLista — For those who waited till the last minute to cast their vote, the predictable problems are being reported across the country: not enough voting machines, long, long lines and not carrying proper paperwork to the polls.

Voters in Orlando, Florida face long lines at the poll on election day.
(Source: LATimes)

The sad consequence of all these problems is that people are giving up and going home, or back to work, without casting their vote.
Bad news.
It’s especially bad news in those states considered swing states: Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, New York and Ohio.
Compounding these problems are reports that some Latino voters in Colorado are being disenfranchised because they can’t read the ballots in English. One might say, well, if you’re a citizen you should be able to read English.
Not so if you didn’t become a citizen until late in life or have reading problems. As anyone who has had the opportunity and interest to speak another language knows, it’s far easier to speak a language without being able to read it fluently.
Yet, even these problems aren’t taking away from the excitement this election is generating. A great site to tap into the pulse of the nation regarding this election is YouTube’s Video Your Vote.
At this site, people who are documenting the 2008 voting experience have been uploading their videos throughout the day. From inspirational voting stories to video of the long lines and even a few videos of outright voter intimidation — “hello, do you not notice the camera?” — the site is something that history buffs will forever be looking at to catch a glimpse of this special moment in our nation’s history.
Also, there seems to be as much anticipation for the watch parties as the voter turnouts.
For that reason, Latina Lista will be providing Live Election Night Coverage starting at 9:30 p.m.
But I’m not talking about blogging — we, a group of some incredibly talented and supportive fans of Latina Lista, will be videotaping for a live broadcast on on what we’ve titled:
Latina Lista Election Night Coverage.
It seemed the only fitting way to put a final chapter on our coverage of this election.


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