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Spanish author’s memoir of childhood battle with cancer turned into new U.S. television series

Spanish author’s memoir of childhood battle with cancer turned into new U.S. television series

By Juan Carlos Pérez-Duthie tintafresca.us Albert Espinosa’s vision of life could have been bleak and dark indeed. Yet it isn’t, in spite of the cancer that nearly killed him. Instead, for this writer, director, screenwriter for film, theater, and TV, life has been as bright as the color yellow, full of hope and possibility. And


Obesity, poor lifestyle and food choices can put Latinos on path to cancer diagnosis

LatinaLista — Usually when there is a group effort to combat a particular disease or medical issue, there is good news to report. Just look at how far the global community has come in addressing HIV/AIDS. Though the disease is not eradicated, strides have been made ever since that first World Aids Day. Unfortunately, the


Dying deportee refused by immigration officials to reunite one last time with family in U.S.

LatinaLista — The battle for immigration reform has evolved to mean much more than just overhauling an antiquated admissions system into the country. Another issue that is now getting equal billing with the demand for putting undocumented immigrants on a path to citizenship is reuniting families separated by deportations. The frustration felt by many advocating


Latina Cancer Patients Find Support Through Unique DIVAS Program

By Annika Darling CTLatinoNews.com Before the DIVAS program was formed, women with cancer in the Hartford area who only spoke Spanish were hard pressed to find support. It was when Sotera Davila, who was suffering from cancer, pointed out the the gap to her nurse that the group began to take shape. Through leadership from


MD Anderson and University of Texas Health and Science Center fight cancer in the Hispanic community

By Vanessa Piña The Venture The MD Anderson Cancer Center and the University of Texas Health and Science Center have partnered up with a purpose to reduce cancer among Hispanics in Texas. This program was designed under the Texas Regional Community Network Program, Latinos Contra El Cancer, to diminish the number of cancer cases in