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Video: First female Asian comic editor dispels myth of how being different sucks

Video: First female Asian comic editor dispels myth of how being different sucks

LatinaLista — Sana Amanat knows what it feels like to not fit in. Born in the United States of Asian descent, Amanat grew up entrenched in her family’s traditions and customs. Often, this meant that she dressed differently, ate different foods and even spoke a different language than her friends and peers. It was from

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U.S. Embassy raising awareness among Chilean high schoolers about disappearance of honeybees with comics contest

LatinaLista — Among the biggest threats to any nation’s eco-system is the loss of honeybees. It’s more than just honey that bees contribute to human diet; they are also responsible for pollinating up to 70 percent of the food a person eats every day. Eight years ago, one beekeeper in the U.S. sounded the alarm


Video: Latino-themed superhero comic series, Aztec of the City, rises to new heights in latest volume

LatinaLista — What happens when two Mexican-American primos in San Jose, California become Latino superheroes? They are the stars of their own comic book series! Aztec of the City follows the brave exploits of the two cousins as they defend and protect their city from evil forces in the year 2019. A bi-national effort, the

Latino comics create tribute to Sonia Sotomayor – kinda

LatinaLista — It was only a matter of time that Latino comics would work up a sketch featuring (almost) everyone’s favorite Supreme Court Justice-to-be, Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Hugo Perez plays Judge Sonia Sotomayor in a video tribute to the judge. Hugo Perez and Adrian Martinez have created their own irreverent version of a homage to