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Crowdfunding Campaign: Cuban Salsa Inside & Out

Crowdfunding Campaign: Cuban Salsa Inside & Out

LatinaLista — Campaign: Cuban Salsa Inside & Out In the nearly twenty years that have lapsed since the towering success of Wim Wender’s documentary and album BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, foreigners enamored by the rhythms of the tiny island nation have been throwing off the drudgery of their nine-to-fives to learn Casino, Cuban-style salsa dancing.


Intrn’l Video: Helping Cuban skateboarders glide to new heights

LatinaLista — In Cuba, there is not one skate shop despite a growing community of over 1,000 skateboard enthusiasts who recycle old boards to perform their sport. One of those Cuban skateboarders is a young man named Yojani Pérez Rivera, but he’s known around the island as Mamerto. Mamerto has a crew of fellow skateboarders


Video: New play evokes painful memory of Cuba’s prison camps but underscores strength of human will

LatinaLista — Ever since the Obama administration eased travel restrictions to Cuba, travelers from the United States have been flocking to the Communist-governed island. A recent study on Cuba-bound US flights revealed that, in the course of 30 days of monitoring (from June 17 to July 17), more flights left for the island from Miami

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Video: Latina writer taps into her Cuban heritage to create a ‘novel’ twist about the fate of Fidel Castro and Cuba

LatinaLista — For Cuban exile Elizabeth Huergo, and other political refugees from the Communist island, Fidel Castro is a person who single-handedly changed their lives and their destinies. So, those of them who daydream of what happens to their homeland when Castro dies can be forgiven for wishing that the inevitable comes sooner rather than


Guantanamo Has a History

By Miguel Pérez Hidden Hispanic Heritage Long before Guantanamo became synonymous with al-Qaida prisoners, American injustice and hunger strikes — yes, even before it became known as a high-security prison for suspected terrorists — it was a U.S. Naval Base with a long and fascinating history. It still is! And long after the military prison

Texas Latino theater director travels to Cuba and discovers how local artists ‘speak’ from the stage

By Alain Castillo LatinaLista Despite equipment challenges and political oppression, Cuban theatre artists are producing great work and showing their solid commitment to the craft by staging productions using the most basic of equipment and shining an even brighter spotlight on themselves and their plays by criticizing their own society, says David Lozano, theatre director