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#Bringthemhome: Disagreement and parental love behind Dreamer’s plight

#Bringthemhome: Disagreement and parental love behind Dreamer’s plight

By Gustavo Martínez Contreras Mojado Citizen Marco Saavedra’s dad is torn by the path his son has taken and wishes he could come back to the family business in The Bronx. Antonio Saavedra wishes good luck and says goodbye to the voice of his son Marco at the other end of the line, then hangs


Viernes Video: Dreamer: A True American Story

LatinaLista — Even though President Obama authorized the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) program to grant deferred action from deportations for certain undocumented young people, there are still many undocumented youth who either don’t qualify or have aged out of the requirements. For that reason, another film about the DREAMer experience serves to not

University of Arkansas sociologist advocates for DREAMers and the DREAM Act in new book

LatinaLista — For the past six years, University of Arkansas sociologist William A. Schwab has taken an interest in Northwest Arkansas’ Latino community. Since 2011, he’s conducted research on the most vulnerable members of that community — the undocumented children and youth. What he learned compelled him to write the book Right to Dream: Immigration

Romney’s olive branch to Latinos proves to be a zinger of a backfire

LatinaLista — It’s said that in preparation for his debate tomorrow night with President Obama, Mitt Romney has been working on delivering zingers. Those one-liners that pack a punch and people remember for decades to come. It seems that the Romney camp wants to get some early traction with those zingers. Today, Romney announced that

New poll and survey show a perfect storm on the horizon for DREAM Act passage

LatinaLista — If ever there was any doubt if the American people were in favor of or against the DREAM Act, a new poll should re-highlight the public’s sentiment on the issue. A national survey of registered voters’ views on immigration, commissioned by the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation, found that the majority of Americans favor

American Dream: Southern Hospitality on full display during FL DREAMer DACA Clinics

by Gaby Pacheco LatinaLista FLORIDA CITY, FL — It’s been two weeks since a group of dynamic DREAMers, along with their ally organizations, have carried out deferred action clinics in Florida City, Florida. Located about 35 miles from Miami, FL, in a mainly suburban and agricultural town, hundreds of people gathered outside the doors of the