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Bus ConCiencia brings rural Chilean schoolchildren fun experiments to trigger their interest in science

LatinaLista — Getting more kids interested in science and math or curious about the world around them is not solely a problem of the U.S. Practically every major country in the world is facing the same dilemma of not having enough of their next generation pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering and medical) careers. In Chile, a

Steps for Creating Culture of ‘Active Living’ in a Latino City

SaludToday Physical activity is increasingly recognized as a critical way to prevent obesity, chronic disease and other serious health issues. But nationally, only 1 in 4 adults meet physical activity guidelines. Even fewer youths do. A local volunteer group is trying to change that in San Antonio, a Texas city whose residents, most of whom

HUD creates ‘first federal civil rights app’

LatinaLista — In light of the recent study that found Black and Latino homebuyers end up paying more when buying a house, a new app by the Department of Housing and Urban Development hopes to help homebuyers who feel they’ve been discriminated against. Billed as the first federal civil rights app, the Housing Discrimination Complaint