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By David Cook Martín The Conversation During the most recent Republican debate, Donald Trump declared “people are pouring across the southern border.” Trump is right that the United States has been a major immigrant destination since the 1960s, but if he is referring to Mexican flows today, he is wrong. According to sociologists Frank Bean and […]


By Laura Wenus MissionLocal   The Brava Theater was adorned Sunday afternoon with a banner declaring “Amor for Alex” during the screening of a new film examining the fatal police shooting of 28-year-old Alex Nieto in 2014. Supporters of the movement to denounce the shooting walked past a string of highly polished low-riders that sat […]


LatinaLista — The White House released a statement by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh C. Johnson defending the administration's forced removal of Central American migrant families that began over the weekend. As news spread of the removals, immigrant advocates began reporting of the methods being used by Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.  The Los Angeles […]


By Natalie Gross Latino Ed Beat   Sixty black and Latino boys spoke to Boston school officials last week about issues they feel might be holding them back at school. Segregation, high suspension rates and teacher diversity were at the top of their list.  Boston Globe reporter Astead Herndon writes that the students’ meeting at school district […]


By Peter Kelley Futurity   A digital project is using data visualization to depict social movements in United States history, including the NAACP, the American Socialist Party, and the Industrial Workers of the World. For example, it’s one thing to read that the NAACP grew from three branches nationwide in 1912 to 894 branches in […]


By Ruy Teixeira, John Halpin, Rob Griffin Center for American Progress   One year out, the presidential election of 2016 appears wide open. Over the past four election cycles, American voters have yet to render a decisive verdict on partisan control of the federal government. President Barack Obama won solid margins in both 2008 and […]


LatinaLista — Campaign:  Reconnecting Indigenous Collections to their Source Communities How do artworks wind up on museum walls? How are objects chosen for display and who makes such decisions? What individuals/groups are highlighted in these exhibitions? When Indigenous objects are put on display, they often lack the voice of the very communities who produced them. […]


By Sophia Dembling Saving Places   Adina De Zavala’s indignation over a 1912 San Antonio Express editorial explodes from every typewritten word: “The painful ignorance of the history of Texas, and of the Alamo, exhibited by the writers of the Express editorials on the subject, makes me wonder why such a rich corporation permits it. […]


By John Rowe LatinaLista The one-eyed man is king. So wrote wise and patient Erasmus. But, alas, immigration policy is not a subject that makes us wise and patient. The Hard Left cannot name the threat from violent Islamic terrorists, and the Hard Right would tar all Muslims. We have 12 million undocumented immigrants who […]


LatinaLista — Campaign:  MYCincinnati – Strength & Community Through Music   MYCincinnati (Music for Youth in Cincinnati) is a free, daily youth orchestra program for children in Price Hill. 80 students attend the program every weekday for two hours, learning violin, viola, cello, double bass, and playing in an orchestra. MYCincinnati’s mission is to use […]


By Katherine Alanis Ramirez Borderzine   EL PASO — For a while now, UTEP’s Speech and Debate team has faced a lack of literary diversity and its inaccessibility for use in competitive speeches and interpretive events. With a minimal amount of dramatic literature that focuses on people of color, specifically Hispanics, the team has had […]


LatinaLista — The life of a migrant farmworker may be one of the darkest blemishes on the U.S. labor market. As if it wasn’t bad enough that migrant workers, and their families, are exposed to dangerous pesticides, abusive employers, sub-standard housing and the increasing life-threatening changes in the climate, many of the children lose out […]


By John Affleck The Conversation   Every few days, it seems, there is news about a new way in which Cuba and the United States are trying to heal more than a half-century of animosity, dating to the rise of Fidel Castro’s communist regime on the Caribbean island. These fresh developments frequently involve baseball. Since […]


LatinaLista — Campaign:  LURUCHA: A CHILDREN'S BOOK FROM A SCHOOL IN PERU   Kuska School is an alternative elementary school located on a sustainable farm on Inca terraces in Ollantaytambo, Peru, near Machu Picchu.  In small multiage groups, through project-based learning, students live and come to understand the world they are a part of, the […]


By Clifton Adcock and Nate Robson Oklahoma Watch   Over a four-year period, Oklahoma’s two largest police departments and two state agencies received about 60 complaints alleging illegal racial profiling by officers. Investigators substantiated none of the allegations, according to data obtained by Oklahoma Watch. All of the complaints were probed by the law enforcement agencies […]


LatinaLista — While the majority of voters view Donald Trump's grossly insensitive declarations about what he will do when he is president as nada más than political rhetoric, it's come to the point that he must be taken seriously.  One group who wants to expose the barbaric consequences of Trump's intention of mass deporting 11 […]


By Sophia Campos VoiceBox Media   Perhaps since Laredo sits on the southern border, tucked away from major Texas cities, it’s easy for people to be unaware of Laredo’s role with the Central American refugees who escape drug violence and extreme poverty in their home countries. This feeling is known all too well by Mike […]