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LatinaLista — Sheesh, Latino voters already have the worst reputation for election turnout but the latest Gallup poll paints the Latino electorate as downright disconnected. Unfortunately, it’s something that’s been hinted at in other polls. Titled “In U.S., Hispanics Least Worried About Election Outcome,” the Gallup pollsters would have us believe that: Large majorities of […]


By Angie Hunt Futurity   In a growing number of immigrant families in the US, parents and their teenage children don’t speak the same language fluently. New research suggests this language barrier can have negative consequences for adolescent self-control and aggressive behavior. Thomas Schofield, assistant professor of human development and family studies at Iowa State University, […]


By Nancy Landa LatinaLista   Day after day, for more than 20 years, a generous group of women in Veracruz, Mexico give food to Central American migrants who travel atop the freight train, known as “La Bestia”, bound to the United States. Taking their name from their hometown Guadalupe La Patrona, Las Patronas prepare the […]


Marisa Treviño LatinaLista (Editor’s Note: This post is part of the Blog Carnival #MoreThanALabel: Immigrant Stories, Simmons College’s online MSW Program’s campaign to promote transcending labels )     “We are a nation of immigrants” used to mean something. Unfortunately, it’s overuse by campaigning, anti-immigrant politicians, has dulled the meaning for what use to be […]


LatinaLista — One of the cushiest government contractor jobs is those who receive federal funds for operating immigrant detention centers. Working with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, these facilities are virtually guaranteed an uninterrupted flow of federal monies for a simple reason — their facilities always seem to pass inspection. Not because these places are […]

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By Obed Manuel Latina Lista Protestors from around Dallas and different Texas cities marched through the streets of downtown Dallas waving U.S. flags and chanting “Dump the Trump!” Monday afternoon. The wave of red, white and blue noisily moved for a mile from the steps of the of the Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe to the […]


By Dominic Gwinn EXTRA!    In an effort to create a more immigrant friendly city, Chicago Aldermen Carlos Rosa, Susan Sadlowski Garza and Ricardo Munoz announced Tuesday that they have begun working on a comprehensive immigration plan for some of Chicago’s most disenfranchised residents. The Immigration Policy Working Group, composed of 14 different non-governmental and […]


By Sanam Malik and Philip E. Wolgin Center for American Progress This June marks the second annual Immigrant Heritage Month, when Americans celebrate their immigrant roots and tell their families’ stories of sacrifice and contribution. Woven together, these stories form the backbone of the United States. To mark Immigrant Heritage Month, here are 10 things […]


By Sharita Gruberg LatinaLista The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, or DHS, has taken commendable steps to improve the immigration detention system, including an automated tool to improve transparency and uniformity in detention-custody decisions and recent guidance on prosecutorial discretion issued by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. However, a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request […]


By Whitney Palmeter El Nuevo Tennessean Every Thursday evening at Cherokee United Methodist Church in Johnson City, Tenn., an exchange takes place as different tongues learn to speak in one common language. Leading this conversation is Dr. Rosalind Gann, an East Tennessee State University professor and English as a Second Language advocate. The main goal […]


The Venture Scores of immigrants across the country have lost their insurance coverage obtained through the Affordable Care Act after failure to meet a federally imposed September 5th deadline to verify their immigration status. Obamacare and immigration advocates scrambled to help applicants provide the necessary paperwork to retain coverage but thousands still had not provided […]


Frontera NorteSur NEW MEXICO — After touring a New Mexico detention facility housing Central American refugees, immigrant advocates and lawyers have charged the Obama Administration with violating due process rights. In a July 24 telephonic press conference hosted by the National Immigration Law Center, representatives of an advocates’ group that were allowed to conduct a […]

Distribution of Foreign-Born Persons in U.S.

By Edward T. Rincón, Ph.D. LatinaLista We produced the attached map and assembled the following facts (source: American Community Survey 5-year estimates covering 2008-2012) to provide some balance to the wave of bad news surrounding immigrants. While it does not directly address the issue of the children that have arrived in the U.S. for refuge, […]


By Gabriel Pilonieta-Blanco El Tiempo Hispano Ana Costales, adviser to the alcohol and drug program, along with Neda Biggs, immigration attorney primarily dedicated to helping victims, and Claudia Peña Porreti, executive director of La Esperanza Community Center, talk to El Tiempo Hispano about the humanitarian crisis now being experienced by the Sussex Hispanic community in […]


By Jéssica Bedolla EL NUEVO SOL The goal of this audio documentary is to put a human face on the devastating effects of deportations on immigrant families by giving voice to the deportees themselves. The documentary includes interviews with people affected by deportations and their accounts of their forced exodus back to the south as […]


By Michael Bacos Extra! n May 27, Veterans for Immigration Reform held a discussion at the Pritzker Military Library to discuss the role of immigrants in the U.S. Armed Forces and how immigration reform is needed to protect these immigrant veterans. Rodrigo Garcia, a former Marine and the son of undocumented immigrants, gave the keynote […]


LatinaLista — Campaign: Destino – A book about the destiny of Central American migrants searching for American Dream Destino, meaning “destination” or “destiny” in Spanish, tells the story of undocumented Central American migrants and the perilous journey by freight train across Mexico, as they attempt to enter the United States in pursuit of a better […]


J.Smith LatinaLista Philadelphia – “Sin Papeles, No Miedo.” Without Papers, We’re Not Afraid.” For more than five years, this was the defiant cry of immigrant advocacy groups fighting against the collaborative relationship between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials. The chant that had launched marches, demonstrations, prayer vigils, sit-ins and even arrests was fully […]