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All it takes is the right outreach for Latino voter turnout

All it takes is the right outreach for Latino voter turnout

By Melissa R. Michelson, Ph.D Latino Decisions A common belief inside campaigns is that lower propensity voters just won’t show up in a midterm election. This thinking is misguided and only serves to create a cycle in which campaigns fail to reach out to voters who are most in need of outreach. Previous field experiments

Hispanic Voters

Report: Both parties have ‘work cut out for them’ to reach Hispanic vote

By Colton Gavin Cronkite News Service WASHINGTON – Arizona Hispanic voter engagement has not kept pace with the growth of the Latino population, but that is poised to change and political parties need to be ready to take advantage, a new report says. The report Tuesday from America’s Voice and Latino Decisions said that while


You will not see a lot of Republican candidates in South Texas this primary season

By Steve Taylor Rio Grande Guardian McALLEN — South Texas voters will not see much of Republican statewide candidates during the primary election season because there are not that many votes up for grabs. This is the view of Republican lieutenant governor candidate Jerry Patterson, who paid a visit to McAllen last Monday. As a


Latino Political Influence In A Connecticut Suburb?

By Brian Woodman Jr. CTLatinoNews.com A Latino candidate in one Connecticut suburb is working to make the political scene in his town more inclusive, by reaching out to Latino voters, perhaps signaling new Latino political influence outside of the traditional urban areas. “Given that there has never been an elected town official of Latino descent

The GOP’s $10 million problem with Latinos isn’t messaging — it’s the message

LatinaLista — When Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus first announced that his party would be devoting $10 million to outreach to minority, women and young voters as a result of the findings from their internal analysis GOP Growth & Opportunity Project, my knee-jerk reaction was that they were better off saving their money. As