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New national poll finds Latino voters don’t plan to sit out midterm elections, nor punish Democrats

New national poll finds Latino voters don’t plan to sit out midterm elections, nor punish Democrats

LatinaLista — Conservative pundits and politicians have made an extra big effort lately to convince Democrats and Latinos that Latinos are so angry with Obama for not doing anything on reforming immigration policy that they will punish the Blue Party in next week’s midterm elections by not showing up. As usual, when this argument is

U.S. President Obama takes part in a town hall hosted by Univision at the University of Miami in Coral Gables

Latinos’ threats to Democrats over immigration reform don’t make sense

LatinaLista — National polls have been showing that more and more Latinos have become disenchanted with President Obama. So much so that some Latino organizations have issued a warning to Democrats to not blame the Latino electorate if the GOP wins more elections this November, ousting the Democrat majority in the Senate. Perhaps it’s against


A quest to wake Texas Latinos from their political siesta

La Voz de Austin It’s no secret that Hispanic voters in Travis County have a hard time finding an election booth. In the recent March 4th, 2014 primary season, out of some 98,000 registered Hispanic voters, only 8,448 bothered to turn out to vote. In terms of percentage that’s a lousy 8%. But in the


All it takes is the right outreach for Latino voter turnout

By Melissa R. Michelson, Ph.D Latino Decisions A common belief inside campaigns is that lower propensity voters just won’t show up in a midterm election. This thinking is misguided and only serves to create a cycle in which campaigns fail to reach out to voters who are most in need of outreach. Previous field experiments

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Report: Both parties have ‘work cut out for them’ to reach Hispanic vote

By Colton Gavin Cronkite News Service WASHINGTON – Arizona Hispanic voter engagement has not kept pace with the growth of the Latino population, but that is poised to change and political parties need to be ready to take advantage, a new report says. The report Tuesday from America’s Voice and Latino Decisions said that while