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By Mariaelena Gonzalez The Conversation When considering Latinos, educators often struggle with how to close the achievement gap. That gap is often defined as a disparity in academic success between native English speakers and those for whom Spanish was their first language. Health communicators have gaps of their own to address: digital divides. These exist both […]


By Juhem Navarro-Rivera Demos Latino/as’ changing economic fortunes in the wake of the Great Recession and the racist undertones of anti-immigrant rhetoric are major sources of their disillusionment with the Republican Party. While Latino/as have more positive attitudes toward the Democratic Party, their feelings are lukewarm. That could change if the party follows through in […]

"Students sitting in a row in floor with pizza, the focus is on boy"

By Cliff Despres Salud Today   More Americans are eating healthier, but a widening nutrition gap is separating Whites from Latinos and African Americans, according to a new study, the L.A. Times reports. The study, which examined 34,000 U.S. adults’ diets from 2000-2012, found that 46% of Americans had “poor” diets in 2012, an improvement from 56% in […]


LatinaLista — If you are Latino, or Latina, and unlucky enough to suffer a heart attack while out and about with familia and friends, chances are you might not survive. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), Latinos are 30 percent less likely to have a “bystander” jump to their rescue with CPR. Not good […]


By Lizette Escobedo Moms Clean Air Force   While the Latino community certainly focuses on policy issues such as comprehensive immigration reform and unemployment, we also care deeply about the environmental issues, especially how pollution and toxic waste makes its way into our communities. There has been a widespread misconception that Latinos don’t hold environmental issues […]


By Marcia G. Yerman Moms Clean Air Force   In January 2016, The Verde Paper: Latino Perspectives on Conservation Leadership was released by La Madre Tierra and Resource Media. Between 2014 and 2015, over thirty environmental activists in the Latino community were interviewed. The focus was the Western United States. Key points included: Latino communities have been, and are, […]

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SaludToday Blog   In California psychiatric hospitalizations of Latino children and youth are rising at a dramatic rate, The Sacremento Bee reports. According to numbers by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, the rates of psychiatric hospitalization among Latinos 21 and under “shot up 86 percent, to 17,813, between 2007 and 2014.” But, what’s causing the […]


By Natalie Gross Latino Ed Beat   Sixty black and Latino boys spoke to Boston school officials last week about issues they feel might be holding them back at school. Segregation, high suspension rates and teacher diversity were at the top of their list.  Boston Globe reporter Astead Herndon writes that the students’ meeting at school district […]


By retired Rear Adm. Will Rodriguez, U.S. Navy LatinaLista   Early in 1980, the United States Navy was concerned about the lack of Hispanic representation within their officer corps—specifically their senior officer corps—and the lack of Hispanic applicants for officer programs. Troubled by this situation, then Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Edward Hidalgo, established […]


LatinaLista  —  Campaign: #LatinosGive on Giving Tuesday   December 1 is #GivingTuesday, a global movement to celebrate and encourage generosity around the world. In an effort to “Latinize” #GivingTuesday, HIPGive and NBC Latino have joined forces to launch a new social media campaign called #LatinosGive. #LatinosGive is meant to help reshape the national narrative by […]


Annika Darling CTLatinoNews.com   The word “barrio” comes from the Spanish word which means “‘neighborhood” not  ‘ghetto’ which  is what many people think of today when they hear the word.    However, some Latino communities are working to take back the meaning of “barrio” by organizing and creating Latino hubs that are anything but a ghetto, rather they are pulsating and […]


Obed Manuel Latina Lista   Have you noticed how some companies have started targeting Latinos with bilingual commercials? They may be onto something. Researchers with MAGNA GLOBAL and the Center for Multicultural Science have found that the language-only based marketing strategies that have been used to target Latinos may be outdated. Given that the Latino community in […]


LatinaLista  — October 15 is a day with multiple observances: Breast Health Day, Conflict Resoultion Day, Global Handwashing Day, National White Cane Day and it's even I Love Lucy Day. However, October 15 may best be known in the Latino community as National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD). The AIDS epidemic among Latinos has evolved to […]


Obed Manuel Latina Lista   5. Latinos care about the environment About 70 percent of Latinos say they believe global warming is a threat and is caused by human activity. By comparison, just 44 percent of whites and 56 percent of Blacks, respectively, believe global warming is a threat. While that may not correlate with […]

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LatinaLista — Latinos are not of one single country, history, customs, traditions or accent. Yet some pollsters, researchers, politicians and the proverbial "man/woman-in-the-street" still have trouble seeing Latinos as anything but homogenous. Frankly, Hispanic Heritage Month doesn't help the cause.  But a new study of the Latino vote drills down beyond the country of origin […]


By Obed Manuel Latina Lista   5. Not enough of us maintain a healthy diet According to the latest findings by the State of Obesity, 77 percent of adult Latinos in the U.S. are obese or overweight. The report also found that 38 percent of Latino children between 2 to 19 years of age are […]