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Photography for the Mystic Valley Charter Schools.

By Leslie Puente-Ervin LatinaLista If you want to send your child to a private school, that’s your prerogative. You pay for that right. Charter schools? They may appear private, but they’re really public. While many receive private funding, the majority are publicly funded. Even so, they operate on a lottery system where only a selected […]


By Rachel Harrison Futurity   A new study finds a startling scarcity of children’s books for sale in low-income neighborhoods in Detroit, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles. The lack of children’s books was even more pronounced in areas with higher concentrations of poverty, according to the findings, which appear in the journal Urban Education. “Children’s books […]


By Kevin A. Wright The Conversation Pope Francis is going to prison. After visiting with incarcerated individuals in a correctional facility in Philadelphia, he might offer us a simple suggestion: treat prisoners better. But this advice hides an inconvenient truth. The conditions experienced by incarcerated individuals, especially those in prison, mirror the conditions they experience […]


By Susan Ferriss Juvenile Justice Information Exchange As the national debate over childhood inequities sharpens, recent developments in California highlight struggles over practices critics say deprive some kids of quality class time and fuel a “school-to-prison pipeline.” New state legislation on discipline and truancy — along with lawsuits — are at the heart of these […]


By Sam Fulwood III LatinaLista On Tuesday, voters across the United States cast their ballots in the 2014 midterm elections. As with any election, there are winners and losers. But, dear reader, this column offers neither post-election analysis nor after-the-fact second-guessing – well, at least, not in the well-worn, traditional sense. Instead, I want to […]


By Lea Thompson La Prensa de San Antonio SAN ANTONIO — Despite the rising temperatures, this summer is the perfect time to explore the growing Farmer’s Market landscape in San Antonio. Every Tuesday, the San Antonio Food Bank brings nutritional education and new food options to locals at the downtown Farmer’s Market on Main Plaza. […]


LatinaLista — Crowdfunding Campaign: Skate After School – after-school programming to underserved schools Skate After School works with three schools and have been providing this service on all volunteer hours and donated product for over 2 years! Through the help of several local skateshops, the non-profit hsa been able to take used parts and refurbish […]


By Nate Robson Oklahoma Watch Tulsa is ground zero for a new early-childhood education campaign that seeks to get more parents reading or talking with their children, even if they are too young to understand. Nearly $1.5 million will be spent in Tulsa starting this spring to raise awareness about the importance of talking to […]

College counselor Teresa Carreto's room at Roosevelt High in Los Angeles

By Katherine Leal Unmuth Latino Ed Beat When Los Angeles Times reporters surveyed California high schools about how many college recruiters visited the campuses this fall, they found glaring disparities between rich and poor. While the private The Webb Schools in Claremont was visited by 113 colleges and universities, the public Jefferson High School in […]


By Warren Vieth and Darren Jaworkski Oklahoma Watch When the government starts helping low-wage workers pay for health insurance next year, 6,704 Oklahoma cooks will be left empty-handed. So will 6,154 cashiers, 4,572 waiters, 4,207 housekeepers and 3,870 retail salespeople, an Oklahoma Watch data analysis shows.They are among 109,227 uninsured Oklahoma workers whose annual incomes […]


By Alex Rappaport Language Magazine Alex Rappaport argues that word acquisition may be the easiest way to close the achievement gap One promise of public education is to level the playing field across the socioeconomic and ethnic spectrum. Unfortunately, the system is not fulfilling that promise. The achievement gap has been an issue for decades, […]

LatinaLista — Talk of modernizing the voting process always crops up around major elections. Unfortunately, it’s more talk of what can be done than doing it but one area that has gotten a boost from today’s technology is voter registration. A handful of states are offering their citizens the option of registering online. California is […]

LatinaLista — A study that was published in December 2012 has been slow in getting the recognition it deserves for what its authors discovered — the majority of low-income students who excel in high school don’t even bother to apply to the nation’s best colleges. THE MISSING “ONE-OFFS”: THE HIDDEN SUPPLY OF HIGH-ACHIEVING, LOW INCOME […]

LatinaLista — Giving birth and taking that new bundle of love home is supposed to be the most joyous event in any mother’s life, and it usually is, but when that mother doesn’t have enough money or family or friends to help her prepare for that little one’s arrival then a joyous event turns into […]

By Rudy Arispe La Prensa de San Antonio San Antonio.- Sixty former high-school dropouts, who are now AmeriCorps members of SA Youth’s YouthBuild program, spent the past 17 months hammering, drilling and sawing to construct one of their biggest outdoor projects – a 1,216-square-foot, 3-bedroom, 2-bath house complete with energy-efficient features at 227 Jemison St. […]

By Yanet Pintor The Venture HOUSTON — It’s a cold December night in the city of Houston and David Rodriguez is sitting on his wheelchair in the patio of a Starbucks waiting to share his story. Eager to help. He is wearing a dark green polo and a smile on his face. The most luxurious […]