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Over sixty percent of Latino children at risk for pool drownings

Over sixty percent of Latino children at risk for pool drownings

LatinaLista — Summer is only a couple of weeks away but already parts of the country are experiencing uncomfortably hot temperatures launching most kids into daydreams of flippers, sunscreen and swimming pools. For those kids who can swim, it’s just another summer of fun in the sun but for those who don’t, it’s a 50/50

Commentary: Swim program creates paradigm shift for non-swimming low-income Oxnard, CA youth

By Armando Vazquez Amigos 805.com This summer the city of Oxnard has the opportunity to provide low income non-swimming youth with the opportunity of a lifetime. City officials can be the driving force in making ACCESS to water safety and recreation a reality for 200 to 400 non-swimming youth of our community. The benefit to

Pool safety campaigns highlight Latino and black children’s high risk for drownings

LatinaLista — Temperatures are warming up. School is winding down. Kids are looking forward to doing their favorite summer activity — swimming. Unfortunately for too many Latino children swimming can be a death trap. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 62 percent of Latino children and 70 percent of black children between the

Study shows Latino and black children at higher risk of swim drownings

LatinaLista — With summer fast approaching, kids everywhere look forward to swimming. Whether it’s at the beach, lake or a pool, swimming provides all kids a chance to cool off and have some fun. Yet, when it comes to actually knowing how to swim, a new study commissioned by USA Swimming shows that Latino and