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October 11, 2019

In some parts of the country, Columbus Day is a big celebration. In other parts, not so much. In the latter areas, cities are creating an alternative that is catching on; The Trump administration is ramping up deportations for…


October 10, 2019

As if Trump wasn’t busy enough inflicting pain on the world, he now takes aim at DREAMers and wants the Supreme Court to listen to him; Speaking of Trump, the news network he considered his personal propaganda machine just…


October 2, 2019

The case of two bans. The difference between what FL and NY just banned couldn’t be more polar opposite and underscores how the fight for the moral soul of the country is Right vs. Left; Why watch Sunday morning…


September 27, 2019

Today, as the nation celebrates the observance of Native American Day, and hopefully remembers the forced separation of Native American children from their parents to “Indian schools,” a judge will hear arguments over the US detention of migrant children….


September 23, 2019

A judge (with a Latino surname) just told Trump something he’s not going to like. The question is: Will he ignore it or do what the judge says; So, why did a FL police officer arrest a 6 and…

By Anthony J. Gaughan The Conversation   The GOP nomination is within Donald Trump’s grasp. Trump’s decisive victory in the Indiana primary on Tuesday night drove his two final challengers to withdraw from the race. Whatever hopes the GOP…