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New report underscores undeniable relationship between immigration reform and nation’s food supply

New report underscores undeniable relationship between immigration reform and nation’s food supply

LatinaLista — In the ongoing campaign by the White House to pressure Congress to pass immigration reform, every executive branch department head has come out to make a speech, from their particular department perspective, as to why resolving our immigration policy would be good for the country. To be honest, when listening to Arne Duncan

Unsettled case of Hispanic farmers underscores lack of DC Latino leadership and concern from Obama

LatinaLista After ten years, tomorrow should have been the day of reckoning at the Supreme Court for a group of Hispanic farmers who filed a lawsuit against the USDA for systematically denying them needed loans and credits to sustain their farms, while granting those same loans to white farmers. Though the Supreme Court ruled last

USDA Sec. Vilsack would rather help Afghan farmers than Hispanic farmers here at home

LatinaLista — One of the most well-documented cases of ongoing discrimination against minorities at the federal level has to do with the case of Hispanic farmers being denied access to farm-credit programs run by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). New Mexico farmer Lupe Garcia filed a lawsuit nine years ago against the USDA

USDA data shows more Latino children going hungry

LatinaLista — In a nation of over 307 million people, 2.3 million doesn’t sound like a very significant number. As a number by itself, it isn’t. Only when it’s realized that 2.3 million refers to the number of Hispanic households with children who feel the pangs of hunger because they are “food insecure” does it

Hispanic farmers struggling to survive against USDA-sanctioned discrimination and institutionalized racism

LatinaLista — The life of a farmer has always been known to be a hard life. Throw in global warming, drought and a poor economy and a farmer’s life can teeter on financial ruin — if it weren’t for special farm credit and non-credit farm benefit programs to help farmers during rough times. New Mexico