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What do Imus and PBS Have in Common?

What do Imus and PBS Have in Common?

LatinaLista — What do the firing of Don Imus and PBS' decision to make Ken Burns rework his World War II epic have in common?

Fired shock-jock Don Imus
(Source: newsok.com)

Well aside from the fact that both instances had to do with not respecting people of color — they both are examples that maybe this country has reached a slight turning point in recognizing that it's no longer okay to ignore and insult Latinos and African Americans, and expect to get away with it.

Aside from the early years in this country's history where a cheap laugh was made at poking fun at people of color for their skin, their accent or even their hair, the time has come when people are not afraid to not laugh at that kind of unfunny humor or be satisfied with afterthoughts of inclusion.

It was right that the Latino community and the African American community stood up for their own and fought back against such complacent racial discrimination.

And for all those who don't think it was a big deal for Latinos to be left out of the World War II documentary or that Imus said the things he did about the Rutgers girls' basketball team — well… it is a big deal anytime any group is made to feel less than equal citizens.

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