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Spotlight Nonprofit: Breast cancer survivors asking “Y-Me” find they’re not alone

Spotlight Nonprofit: Breast cancer survivors asking “Y-Me” find they’re not alone

LatinaLista -- No one should face breast cancer alone.

That's the mission focus of the recently launched website for the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization™. The web site, available in both English and Spanish, Y-ME, focuses on the human element of the disease by featuring the "People Behind the Pink" -- breast cancer survivors and the peer counselors who are survivors themselves.

The new site features common questions that patients ask, including questions such as "Am I going to die?" and "How do I know I'm getting the right treatment?"

It has comprehensive information about breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, but also features stories about breast cancer survivors, news and updates, and expert blogs to help provide perspective on some of the complex issues related to breast cancer.

At a time in a woman's, and a man's, life that can be the scariest, the Y-Me site walks the difficult path alongside those diagnosed with breast cancer. The stories shared on the site not only can help make a difficult situation feel a little better but shows there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yet, when reading a web site doesn't just cut it when those feelings of fear threaten to overwhelm anyone with a recent diagnosis, the site features prominently the hotline where peer counselors are always available by phone. It is the only breast cancer organization that offers such a service.

The peer counselors are on hand to soothe those fears and are available to talk, offer information about resources or just listen.

The awesome thing is that callers can be understood in 150 languages.

Our new website is about our commitment to being there for breast cancer patients whenever they need us, every month of the year and every day - including upcoming holidays, when emotional support is even more needed for families facing breast cancer. -- Cindy Geoghegan, Y-ME's Chief Executive Officer and herself a 16-year breast cancer survivor.

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