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Juarez store Aztec Calendar counts the days to city’s full recovery

Juarez store Aztec Calendar counts the days to city’s full recovery

Genaro Cruz Borderzine JUAREZ, MEXICO – Every morning Lupita Hernandez swings open the doors of her arts and crafts store here to a bright and prosperous new day, just like she and her mother have done for more than 40 years. However the legacy of this family institution was put at risk during the years

Racial Gap

Report: Arizona had largest gap between older, younger minority populations

By Kristen Hwang Cronkite News WASHINGTON – Arizona had the largest “racial generation gap” in 2013, a divide that has the potential to heighten political tensions in areas ranging from immigration policy to education funding, experts said. The gap is the difference between the percentage of minorities who are 65 or older and those who


Early ratings suggest heroin documentary by Arizona State journalism students viewed by 380,000 Arizona households

By Bill Slane Cronkite News PHOENIX – Early ratings numbers show that a Cronkite News documentary on heroin addiction simulcast January 13 by all Arizona TV stations was viewed by 380,000 households. To Thalia Williams, a program director with, the benefit from “Hooked: Tracking Heroin’s Hold on Arizona” happened in living rooms across the


Arizona cited as a ‘special place’ for political dark-money operations

By Laurie Liles Cronkite News WASHINGTON _ Dark money in campaigns has become an issue nationwide but in the words of one expert, Arizona “really is a special place for dark money.” The state, because of its laws or its culture, has become ground zero for a growing number of politically active tax-exempt organizations, said


Supreme Court urged not to intervene on bail for immigrant felony suspects

By Laurie Liles Cronkite News WASHINGTON – Opponents of an Arizona law that denies bail to felony suspects who are in this country illegally urged the Supreme Court on Monday to let stand a lower court ruling that overturns the ban. The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation and the ACLU of Arizona were responding to


Song inspires writer to search for nameless victims in ‘Deportees’ plane crash

By Elvin Alves Borderzine EL PASO — Folksinger Woody Guthrie wrote a poem In 1948 about a plane crash that year in which 32 people lost their lives near Los Gatos Creek in the Diablo mountain range of California. The flight was carrying 28 migrant farmworkers who were being deported back to Mexico. Guthrie was