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By M. Isabel Guerra LatinaLista LIMA, PERU — An incident that took place at a Lima shopping mall last weekend brought the attention back to the issue of racism in Peru. An indigenous from Cusco, who was visiting Lima on the invitation of some American friends, was treated with disrespect by the entrance guards of

Guest Voz: Women’s delegation to get the word out about the harm of Georgia’s immigration laws

LatinaLista – A delegation of women leaders from over two dozen national human rights organizations traveled to Georgia to spend today and tomorrow speaking out against the recent anti-immigrant laws passed in that state. The women, part of the We Belong Together delegation, plan not only on speaking out against the inhumane bill but listening too.

New report highlights difficulty of turning a blind eye to immigrant abuse by Border Patrol agents

LatinaLista – The pictures from a new report titled, A Culture of Cruelty: Abuse and Impunity in short-term U.S. Border Patrol custody, about border patrol agents’ abuse against immigrants they have in custody are not just disturbing but repulsive. Compiled and published by the human rights group No More Deaths, the authors documented more than 30,000

Desperate CA farmworkers start 200-mile march to convince Gov. Brown to sign bill ensuring fair treatment

LatinaLista — Everyone thought it was a done deal. Both houses of the California legislature have passed the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act. The Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act.” Introduced by Senator Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento), SB 104 would give the state’s more than 400,000 farm workers an alternative to on-the-job polling place elections

Multiple Agencies File Lawsuit Challenging Alabama’s Extreme Anti-Immigrant Law

La Costa Latina MONTGOMERY, ALA. -The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and a coalition of civil rights groups filed a class action lawsuit on July 21 challenging Alabama’s extreme anti-immigrant law, HB 56, passed last month. The law is even more restrictive than the Arizona law it was inspired by–Arizona’s SB 1070. The Alabama law