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ALL Latinos suffer the stigma of low household wealth

LatinaLista — Even before today’s release by Pew Social & Demographic Trends announcing the freefall in Latino household wealth, it was known that the recession hit Latinos especially hard. Yet, the real story is that it didn’t hit ALL Latinos the same. While the just published statistics are dramatic in showing that median household wealth

Spotlight Nonprofit: Microfinance loans pair borrowers and donors in partnership to escape poverty

LatinaLista — The practice of microfinance — loaning low-income entrepreneurs small loans to start or help their businesses along — is not a new concept. In fact, it’s been around, with a lot of success, for several years. Microfinance is especially popular in third-world countries where cash is short, need is long and entrepreneurs abundant.

Latina director of equal rights organization speaks out on Supreme Court’s Wal-Mart decision

LatinaLista — The day of reckoning arrived today for the 1.5 million women who were included in a class action lawsuit suing Wal-Mart over sex discrimination charges regarding equal pay and job promotions. The Supreme Court rendered a decision that determined national class claims against Wal-Mart could not go forward but individual claims of sex